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Sci-Fi/Farce: Orphaned on a muddy planet and reared by giant paramecia, Lydia seems inoculated as the nearby Gaean Empire crowns its new, ugly Empress. Suddenly, her life goes haywire. Pursued across the galaxy, she tries to discover why her fellow Homo sapiens have taken such a sudden dislike to her, and why her adoptive Paramecia are going to such lengths to protect her.


Completed March 2015

314 Pages

A Space Archaeology Mystery: Inbound on an interstellar flight to a backwater planet, Archeologist Nosuma Okande sees far more ancient sites to excavate than the ones The Institute has on record. Setting out to unearth these sites proves more of a challenge than she realizes. On her first day at the Great Zimbabwe, she digs up a statuette depicting a human woman giving birth to a hippopotamus-headed baby. The discovery calls into question the native traditions of ancestor worship, inciting the local populace, most of them belonging to the Hippopotamus Totem, the Madziva Mutupo. She must untangle the enigmatic past of this Edifice Abandoned.

Edifice Abandoned

Completed January 2015

241 Pages

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: A neophyte Druid, a starship commander, and an archeologist each disappear into the Gael Gates, portals between worlds left behind by the Ancient Gaels. A forensic physicist and apostate Druid is called in to investigate, and he discovers that the portal system is coming apart. Can his Science save Magic, or will his Magic save Science?

The Gael Gates

Completed November 2014

261 Pages

A Sci Fi Comedy: A hapless scavenger puts his hands on a cube of alien manufacture and is told he'll be the next emperor. He finds in his care an orphan girl who's adamant she's the princess. The cube and the girl stymie his every attempt to rid himself of them, and he's bewildered that they insist he's anything more than a scrounge rat. And then he comes to the Empire's attention.

Cube Rube

Completed May 2014

276 Pages

Sci-Fi/Biopunk/Cyberdick/Dystopia: Murderous nanochines are on the loose, and detective Maris Peterson is determined to find out why. After a young woman plunges to her death from her penthouse and an infertile male is eaten from the soles up by the vicious nanobots, Maris gets on the case. The surly city detective digs deep into the steamy world of reproduction, where sperm and ovum are collected from unwilling donors, fetuses are conceived in Petrie dishes, and children are grown to viability in factories by the thousands.

Organo-Topia, a Cyberdick Novella

Completed May 2015

176 Pages

Sci-Fi/Space Opera: On worlds left isolated after the collapse of Lemuria, four people each acquire a crystal, whose extraordinary properties enabled the ancients to rule the vast empire. A prisoner-slave, a carnival proprietor's daughter, an ecopreserve warden, and a hapless inventor each unleash the power of his or her crystal—and the pernicious forces that caused the collapse of civilization.

Legends of Lemuria

Completed May 2013

476 Pages

Fantasy: Columba fights off a magical sword to gain entrance and membership into the Hall of Swords. During his induction, the sacred sword Genesyx is stolen, and Columba is accused of its theft. Aridisia and Marl are each similarly betrayed at the Crypt of Scrolls and the Vault of Stones. Banished, all three seek to restore the sacred talismans and their good names.

Sword Scroll Stone

Completed October 2012

299 Pages

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Growing up ostracized by their respective peoples, three half-breed women find they share one thing in common—their human father. After they're summoned to Earth, their journeys take them far afield, some agency determined to keep them from arriving. Getting to Earth, they become embroiled in the struggle for power following the death of their father, the Emperor Chingis Khan.


Completed May 2012

226 Pages

Coming Of Age Fantasy Adventure: Two young heroes. A fire-breathing dragon. A kingdom in distress.  Under Guardian William's rule, the people of Alsace huddle in castles, dreading the next attack of the Gemstone Wyverns. After one of the wyverns steals the diamond belonging to the next king, Josh Wyrmherd is accused of assisting the drake, and exiled from the kingdom. With his friend Alyson, they search for the diamond and make their way to a mountaintop eyrie where thousands of wyverns nest. The two soon learn that humans and wyverns didn't always live apart. With Alyson at his side, Josh embarks on a journey that will change their lives and shape the future of the whole kingdom.

Gemstone Wyverns

Completed September 2011

234 Pages

Science Fiction: Born in war. Thirsty for revenge. Trained to kill. A near-term princess is betrayed in her battle to conquer the galactic core. Her unborn daughter is taken from her body, raised in a foreign empire, and trained to be a lethal weapon. Twenty years later, multiple attempts are made on her life, but Serena will defy anyone who would use her toward their own ends. Chased across the galaxy, she begins a mission against her oppressors in a battle to discover who she really is.

War Child

Completed July 2011

263 Pages

A Space-Time Science Fiction Thriller: Engineer Janet Thompson steps through a doorport to San Diego, but lands in San Francisco instead. The worldwide doorport network has operated without a glitch for forty years. What could possibly be going wrong? The lives of six people are changing in dramatic ways, each of them having little awareness of the changes. As Janet tries to revamp the 40-year old doorport system, she realizes that years of use have begun to have an effect on our world. While she investigates the occurrence, permutations in space-time become more apparent, more numerous, and more pervasive than she could have ever imagined. How can she save the fabric of space-time from complete collapse?


Completed January 2011

184 Pages

Clone Science Fiction Mystery:  A young woman, heir to a planetary governor, comes of age on a planet occupied by an indigenous alien moss. The planet's main industry, producing clones, is jeopardized by a shrinking supply of the liquefied moss, used as clone food. Amidst increasing clone agitation, the young woman discovers mounting evidence that her conception and birth may not have occurred naturally.

Glad You’re Born

Completed April 2004

325 Pages

Epic Fantasy: Twins are conceived through stealth and poison by an Emperor unable to father children (The Peasant). Twins are born during the siege of a bandit fortress to the north, then are separated by the Emperor, who in doing so inadvertently deprives them of psychic power, which everyone possesses in abundance. (The Bandit). Twins are raised separately, one as the Heir, the other as a bandit, and as they become men, their paths begin to cross. And clash (The Heir). Twins are reunited after they discover that they are twins (The Emperor).

Fall of the Swords (series)

Completed 1993

1298 Pages

Individual Novels from the Quadrilogy

A Xenobiology Mystery: Four strangers find themselves haunted by the same dream: being dragged to a drowning death by the Nartressan seaweed. Despite their different ways of life, they all have one thing in common. They investigate the origin of the dreams and discover that the mysterious entity is not only more vicious than previously believed, but something else altogether. Things escalate quickly, as reports of drownings and ships under attack reach the media. After the four discover an abandoned underground research station, they embark on a mission to unlock the terrible secrets hidden in the shuttered facility. What will they find there, and will it answer the mystery of their dreams?

Drink the Water

Completed February 2012

257 Pages

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Sci-Fi/Biopunk (forthcoming) : The Premier's adult daughter begins behaving with an utter absence of wherewithal and insight. The Admiral's dreamboat son engages in five years of profligate behavior after his sterling, top-of-his-class Academy graduation. A doctor called in to examine both scions determines they're mutaclones. Her wife kidnapped and her clinic bombed, the doctor flees across the galaxy—into the stronghold of her antagonists.

Bawdy Double

Completed September 2014

280 Pages

Work in Progress: Diabolical Debates

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